The web is slowly rotting.

Sites change. Links break. Pages change.

Sometimes it’s your fault; sometimes it’s someone else’s fault. But it doesn’t matter whose fault it is: you suffer because of it. Broken links upset your visitors and customers, and upset visitors leave.

You know you need to check links regularly to keep your visitors happiest; there are manual link checkers out there, but they’re a lot of work.

Attain total peace of mind.

Manual link checkers take lots of effort to maintain. They tend to be fairly slow and you’ve got to keep running them frequently, or you’ll miss broken links.

Relink, on the other hand, is constantly keeping an eye out for any broken links on your site. That’s it—it takes no maintenance from you at all and is absolutely painless. So you can relax, knowing that if any of your links rot, you’ll find out within a day.

Relink helps you retain your visitors by letting you know as soon as links get broken.

It used to be fact that checking links was hard.
Now it’s fiction.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register. No complex forms; all we need is the site URL and your email address. Once you’ve entered them, we’ll get to work looking for broken links.
  2. Receive a report. Once we’ve finished checking the site, we’ll email you a complete report telling you what we found.
  3. Fix any broken links. Now you’ve got a list of the broken links on your site, you can fix them. That was easy!
  4. Enjoy your new‐found peace of mind. We’ll keep on monitoring your site and tell you whenever links get broken.


Relink will save you many hours of pain and worry each month.

It’s not finished yet, but you can sign up for updates by providing your
details below. I’ll get back to you when I’ve got something to show you!